Keysurfers Initial – New release!

Keysurfers Initial
Keysurfers Initial – New release!

Hot of the press, the latest book in the Keysurfers Series, is Keysurfers Initial.
Suitable for the younger student this book teaches the basic functions of the Electronic keyboard,
how to play five finger tunes in the C position, how to read the notation for C to G in the Treble clef,
how to add single finger chords and backing beats, and the basics of Music Theory and more.
A fresh new resource this is suitable for students approximately aged 3 – 12 and is suitable for
individual or Group lessons, in Primary school and even up to year 7 -8.
It uses new and more familiar tunes and is a prequel to Book 1
Get your copy today!

Inspiring example from Keysurfers 4

Here is a sample of one of the pieces from Keysurfers Book 4, entitled : “Coming Home”

(Written after my son had been on holiday to Spain and I was looking forward to collecting him from the airport, which is probably why the chosen style was Ibiza!)

Just a little taste of what you will be able to play one of these days if you keep practising and keep persevering with the keyboard.

Keysurfers Book 1 – Second Edition

I am pleased to announce that the second edition of book 1 is now on sale.

There are a few small changes to the piece “On the Banks of Ohio”, which now enables students to practise minim rests as well as crotchet rests.

Secondly there are a few less chord changes to manage in the piece “End of the Road”, to enable students to focus more on the introduction of quaver rhythms.

Otherwise, everything else in the book is the same.

Keysurfers 4

The fourth book in the Keysurfers series is now available and is suitable for more advanced players. The level of this book is aimed at players who are Grade 4 /5 standard and it can be used alongside the exam books to reinforce work covered in the exams. It includes pieces and scales with 4, 5 and 6 sharps and flats, as well as introducing the Blues scale. Major seventh chords are introduced and other extended chords, such as augmented and diminished chords.

There are plenty of opportunities to practise using these chords in new and fun pieces. More keyboard effects are introduced and use of the record button is explained. There are also ensemble pieces in the book and surprise arrangements of more familiar tunes, such as “Frere Jacque” and “It’s a long way to Tipperary”!

Keysurfers 3 – Intermediate level keyboard tuition

Keysurfers 3
Now available !

Hot off the press, Keysurfers book 3 has now arrived! This book is Intermediate level and would be a useful book to use alongside the Trinity Guildhall Grade 3 exam book. Using an additional book helps to re-enforce the work covered in the exams, extends a person’s repertoire, and not least, relieves the monotony of solely working towards exams!   Continue reading “Keysurfers 3 – Intermediate level keyboard tuition”