Keysurfers 1 – Learn to play the electronic keyboard

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The start of the new school term is the perfect time to be thinking about learning a new instrument, or if you are a teacher, deciding what material to use for your lessons. Look no further! Keysurfers 1 is the first book in an exciting new series for electronic keyboard students.

It takes the student through the geography of the keyboard and learning tunes in the five- finger position (starting on C), to understanding notation and reading the notes of the treble clef. It explains basic functions of the keyboard including:

  • Voices
  • Styles
  • Auto-accompaniment
  • Tempo

The tunes use single fingered chords. The basics of music theory are explained step by step and then re-enforced throughout the pieces, which are a combination of new and familiar tunes.

The steps to successful and regular practise are explained, as well as opportunities for practising and developing a strong sense of rhythm. There are opportunities to improvise, and as the book progresses, a new hand position is introduced (G position) and the use of correct fingering encouraged.

The book is suitable for individuals as well as small groups and a simple ensemble piece is included at the end of the book.

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