Keysurfers 3 – Intermediate level keyboard tuition

Keysurfers 3
Now available !

Hot off the press, Keysurfers book 3 has now arrived! This book is Intermediate level and would be a useful book to use alongside the Trinity Guildhall Grade 3 exam book. Using an additional book helps to re-enforce the work covered in the exams, extends a person’s repertoire, and not least, relieves the monotony of solely working towards exams!  


In book 3 the scales are now written in treble and bass clef, the key signatures range from 2 sharps or flats, to 3 sharps or flats and the relative major and minor scales are grouped together.  Keyboard functions covered include saving the settings, the harmony and the dual voice buttons.  Plenty of theory is covered including triplets, grace notes and swing rhythms. Compositional devices are introduced, such as Rondo Form and Imitation and there are plenty of new and fun pieces, including ensemble pieces, to re-enforce the new topics. The bass clef notation is introduced and the final piece in the book gives you the first taste of a piano style piece.


The book can be used for individual or small group keyboard lessons. The ensemble pieces enable groups of students to work on separate, differentiated parts, or alternatively these can be rehearsed and performed by teacher/pupil. Each piece can be extended by the student using the pentatonic scale in the key of that piece and improvising their own tunes using one or more chords from the piece.

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