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Keysurfers 1. Learn To Play Keyboard: A Complete Guide For Beginners Paperback – 2017

Keysurfers is a fresh, new step by step guide to learning to play electronic keyboard. Suitable for beginners of all ages it uses both new and more familiar tunes to progressively teach all the basic skills required to become a good keyboard player. It also provides a simple introduction to reading music notes.

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  1. Alex Stacey (verified owner)

    Keysurfers Book 1

    I recommend this book to my students because it is very thorough. During the limited time in lessons when students concentrate on playing the keyboards and learning new pieces of music, I know that if I only have time to go through the theory once in the lesson that when they get home they will be able to look up and understand the clear explanations dotted throughout the book. I like the way finger numbers are not used throughout so the student immediately gets to grip with reading real notes.

    The introduction of each piece is in a sensible order – staying within hand-positions so fingers become accustomed to which notes they play, and then moving to new positions once consolidated.

    The tunes themselves are a mixture of easy arrangements of famous classical and folk songs or Margaret Potter’s own compositions. Margaret’s own compositions are imaginative and delightful.

    In Books 2 and 3 Finger numbers are used to help students move their hands around the pieces as the range is extended. They continue in the same vein of clearly illustrated explanations of triads, inversions and rhythm boxes. They explore further musical styles and forms of composition including explanations of rondo form and ground bass to support the student’s understanding. A few of the pieces are in two parts which is fun to challenge students’ concentration and of course is thoroughly enjoyable. At the end of Book 3 there is an introduction to the bass clef. As some keyboard players want to explore the considerable extent of piano repertoire this is going to be a very valuable taster to some.

    Alex Stacey (keyboard teacher) : Visit Alex Stacy’s website

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